My Toolbox

Here are some of the most important tools I use to run my business:


My personal preference with hosting has always been WP Engine. I have over 25 websites hosted with them and have only seen downtime maybe 2 or 3 times over the last couple years. Click here to get started with WP Engine.

Email Marketing

I am still in the process of getting set up for my email marketing plan. With this site my goal is not to spend a dime on any type of advertising or marketing products. I haven’t tried many and have never tried a paid email marketing company. I have been using Mailster with the autoresponder and it has actually proven to work well for what I need. P.S. Mailster is a paid premium WordPress Plugin. I don’t want to send a bunch of emails out to my users that they don’t need.


Always install Google Analytics even if you don’t use it on a daily basis. It will be the best tool to track and see what your long-term stats are for your website. This is also essential to have if you ever want to sell your site in the future.

I have Google Analytics and I use Monster Insights for Google Analytics on my website. It’s another plugin, but free!


Custom Design Work

I love designing things. If I find something I want done, I usually find a way to do it myself. I have designed sites for years so much of it is pretty easy.

If you ever need some custom design work – let me know!



For getting content written, I have not used anyone. I write ALL my own content.

BUT, there are places like iWriter and Texbroker that you can pay some people to write some decent content for you.


Link Building

If you are having trouble building links, check this out. The harder a link is to get, the stronger it will be.

Building links by reaching out is a great strategy. You personalize the approach and with my strategy you will always get the link you want.

I like to build my links manually but if you are not in the game to do so, try some of the easier tools like BuzzStream and NinjaOutreach.


Research Research Research..

Google’s Keyword Planner.. enough said. Well, and Google Search.

Google’s keyword planner may have been designed as a paid search tool but it is extremely useful for SEO.

Using the Google Keyword Planner you can research:

  • Keyword ideas based on a phrase, landing page or product category
  • Average monthly search volume for a specific period
  • Search volume trends for a single keyword or group of keywords over time



Training comes right along with research. When you are researching niche sites that might be profitable you are also training yourself, learning and making yourself more aware of how to make money.

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