Step 6: Creating Great Content & Getting Free Content for Your Blog

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So for this step of the challenge, I will show you how to create great content and where to get free content for your blog. This step is important because you will use this step for the next two weeks, every single day.

So you need to produce content that your audience would search for an enjoy. You do need to make sure you  stay within a certain range of topics or your readers might just get confused.

So, what’s the easiest way to create content? Go to Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets and find information about your niche. What is the latest news in your industry? If you are in a niche about technology, there is always something to write about.

Tips for Great Content

#1 Be Original

If your content is original you will have a much better chance with Google and your visitors rather than copying other people’s content. If you copy someone, Google will Punish you and your blog will be pushed to the bottom of the line.

Not too long ago everyone was using those ezine articles and ranking in the top Google search. Well you don’t see those anymore, do you? This was due to Google’s algorithm update, which aimed to prevent bad content from ranking highly.

#2 Create Awesome Headlines

When you are scrolling down your news feed on Facebook, do you stop for those boring uninterested headlines? Everyone on Facebook or other social media sites can see and read your headlines but out of those people how many do you think will read your content. If you have a kick ass headline people are more often than not going to read the rest.

So make sure you take time with your headlines. You could even list a few headlines out and pick the ones you like the best. Maybe ask your friends or family which headlines peak their interests the most?

#3 Answers

What are you searching Google for everyday? Answers, right? People are typing questions, phrases and all kinds of things into Google to get one common thing, answers.

This is the same when people are reading your posts, they want something answered and your post has the answer somewhere. You want to provide that answer for them. Just remember, people want answers fast, so make your content easy to scan so people can pick up the important bits quick!

This of your blog post like a book. The headline leaves the reader with a sense of curiosity to know the answer or to find more out about your post. Then once you have sparked interest it is your responsibility to deliver those answers with supporting information.

#4 Stalking – Yes, Stalking…

What is the best way to get to know someone or about something. Research. In this case I will just refer to it as stalking. The best way to find out what your audience wants to know about something is to go straight to the source.

Take a look at questions your readers are asking, the problems they are having and solutions they are searching for. Now, you may not have many readers at this point, this is where stalking comes in handy. Take a look at your competition, get on their website, read some blog posts and check out the comments section. Did they have questions? Find a few questions and provide specific answers to those questions and then comment on their question with a link to your blog with all the right answers!

#5 Tell a Story

People like content that is relevant to them. Even better they like content relevant to them written by an author recognizable to them with a story they can relate to. The more like your reader you can be, the better your content will be.

It is best to take your own personal story and share it with other, it will be original & unique. Your content audience is looking for something to differentiate you from other competitors. Just like when applying for a job, you want to stand out so you get that job or promotion over the others.

Conclusion (Part 1)

Try to optimize your content for readership, engagement and loyalty for the win. You need to make sure you put time into how you start your article. Focus on finding the right topic, the right title, the right structure and the right way to make it your own… then just start writing.

Free Content for Your Site

The first part of this post was to help you through writing your own content and some tips to get you thinking. The second part is how to get free blog content on your website. You are probably thinking I am crazy but I assure you that this is possible and you can start getting unique free content for your blogs as soon as you finish reading this second half.

Here are 5 ways to get free blog content:

#1 MBG (My Blog Guest)

MBG is a tight nit community of bloggers and guest bloggers who will give you their unique content in exchange for a link from your blog. Owned by Ann Smarty who is a very well known blogger and social media user.

This site has a lot of users and you can usually find an article that will suit your blog no matter what niche you are looking for.

#2 BloggerLinkUp

Now this service is a bit different than others in my list. BloggerLinkUp will let you subscribe to their list and you will get an email each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It’s actually a pretty cool idea. Each email will list bloggers looking for expert sources, requests for guest posts, bloggers and webmasters offering guest posts & PR reps and others seeking reviews of products. If you see something in the email you can fulfill, just respond directly to the requester.

#3 Post Joint

Post Joint connects advertisers with blog owners. These advertisers then produce quality content and bloggers offer to publish their guest posts. You can also earn some money with Post Joint too!

#4 Content BLVD

You can join Content BLVD’s content service network and browse through their content gallery to find posts that interest and suit your niche. All you do is just make an offer and when it is accepted, you get the unique free content. Simple.

#5 Post Runner

Post Runner is just about the same as MBG. They let you get guest posts from various authors in exchange for backlinks to their website of choice, and Post Runner also has a WordPress plugin that makes accepting and managing those guest posts super easy.

Final Conclusion (part 2)

So, if you are busy, have writer’s block or just not in the mood to write on your blog, you can visit any of the places I listed to get yourself some free content for your blog.

Now you have no excuse for not publishing on your blog.

Do you know of some other places like the ones listed to get free content? You can kindly share them with us in the comments section. As always, I love to learn from my readers!


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