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Thanks for visiting MMOWITHSEO, (Make Money Online With SEO) my personal blog where I am sharing all my strategies, tips, and online lessons learned running my online businesses.

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About YOU

Yep, that’s right, let’s talk about you!

If you read and like the content on MMOWITHSEO, that tells me a couple things about you.

You love traffic. Traffic excites you. Logging into your analytics and seeing spikes in traffic gives you a rush or even a high!

And you love digital marketing!

You love the possibility of building a real, ethical business that provides value to this world. And you’re not afraid of working hard to do it.

In other words, you just want to build something awesome…and make a ton of money doing it.

There are a lot of different business models on the internet, and many ways to drive traffic.

But if you’re hear reading this, there’s one model that intrigues you the most: content.

Above all else, you want to build a content business. Reading about blogs that started from nothing and grew to millions of readers per month is what you strive for.

Reading about stories of blogs that sold for millions of dollars gets your heart pumping!

So what you do with that traffic/audience is secondary. Once you build the audience, you can monetize it however you like. Whether it’s by building and selling software, selling consulting services, selling courses, or using native advertising. They all work, and you’ll learn about some of the ones I prefer throughout this blog.



About Me

I have always had a taste for the online business thing. I first started out with some basic web design and playing around with Dreamweaver. Then I had the idea to offer web design services to businesses. This was fun and I still continue it today.

Don’t let that fool you though, I have been baited by one of those get-rich-quick sales pages that promises you riches once you learn their secret money-making system.

I just wanted to make money, a lot of it and fast.

Well, that didn’t work.. at all…

Most recently over the last 2-3 years I was introduced to the world of web marketing, something I never knew about before. Then, I discovered real marketing. Specifically, SEO.

About a year into it, I had built up a portfolio of a few websites that were making $300 – $400 per month. It felt cool earning extra money each month and that money was used to make my car payment!


MMOWITHSEO was first launched in 2017, as more of an informational website. I wanted to help other people succeed!

I also want this blog to become successful. With a strong focus on list building, networking, building authority within my industry, and creating products that my audience wanted – this blog will sky rocket.

Keep in mind, the goal for this blog is to generate a 6-7 figure income while helping my audience do the same! And I’ll be working very hard to reach my goal and help you reach yours in the process!

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